Reclaimed Timber Education

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Reclaimed Timber Education

Here at Big Timberworks, we have been buying commercial salvage Douglas fir timber since 1990. This material is very high quality. A large percentage of this material was originally sourced from the “old growth forest”. The moisture content (MC) is at equilibrium. This means that this material is highly stable. It has already shrunk, checked, and twisted as it seasoned in the original building it was milled for. If you desire tight joinery for your timber project you will not be dissatisfied using reclaimed Douglas fir.

Reclaimed Douglas fir timber can be used in its “Original Patina”, “Resawn” (bandsawn), or S4S (planed). BT offers this timber in its “Original Patina” or “Resawn”.


S4S is generally not offered in our timber projects due to the machinery required to produce this smooth surface and the lack of demand for S4S timber work in the western states.

Our reclaimed timber comes from a variety of sources, such as old factories, warehouses, and other structures that have been dismantled. BT carries an inventory of over 500,000 board feet of commercial salvage Douglas Fir timber. This inventory provides immediate access for your timber needs.



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From Montana timber frame to live edge wood tables, from custom metal railings to reclaimed wood floors–Big Timberworks combines modern design elements.