Good Wood Stories

Good Wood Stories

River Timbers | Ottawa and Gatineau Rivers, British Columbia

During the first quarter of the 20th century, large Douglas Fir timbers were harvested from British Columbia and shipped via railroad across Canada. Chained together end to end, many of these timbers were used as floating “sidewalks” that ran the length of … Read More

Water Tower | Arcata, California

Built entirely with old growth redwood, this water tower serviced a large redwood sawmill located in Humboldt Bay near Arcata, California. Never before has such a large quantity of this “redgold” been found in one structure … Read More

Aloha Shake Company | Pacific Beach, Washington

Like many small sawmills, the Aloha Shake Company looked pretty humble at the end of its life. Located in Pacific Beach, Washington, this cedar mill supplied shingles across the country for many years. The mill buildings themselves were … Read More

Canadian Grain Elevators| Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada

Wood elevators were often the landmark for small towns in grain country. Near the end of the century, hundreds of wooden elevators in Saskatchewan and Alberta were torn down and sometimes replaced with fire-resistant … Read More

Tank Stock | Various Locations in the United States

Prior to the widespread use of stainless steel, food storage tanks were made of wood. Wooden tanks stored wine, beer, pickles, olive oil, water, and more. Various types of wood were used to make tanks, but most often we see … Read More

Long Bell Mill | Longview, Washington

The Long Bell Sawmill, located in Longview, Washington, was once the largest sawmill in the world. The main facility contained eight buildings, like the one pictured, that were 80′ x 800′, plus numerous other buildings. The common element … Read More

Trojan Condom Factory | Trenton, New Jersey

Occasionally, the stories of a building’s previous use make some of us squirm. Such is the story of the Trojan Condom Factory in Trenton, New Jersey. This structure furnished us with a nice selection of large timbers, as the photo suggests. A couple … Read More

Pierce Arrow Plant | Buffalo, New York

The famous Pierce Arrow automobiles were manufactured at this plant, built in Buffalo, New York, in 1907. A few years back we received a couple of loads of deep timbers from one of the buildings in the plant. Most of the structure is still standing today … Read More

Bayonne Naval Facility | Bayonne, New Jersey

Much of our wood has come from the military in the form of warehouses and dock facilities built for WWII. We have wood from Oakland, California, Seattle, Washington, Great Falls, Montana (Air Force), and Bayonne, New Jersey. As with most … Read More