WELCOMEHand Crafted in Montana

Where tradition meets innovation.


  • We're a company that builds prototypes - that others copy. Leaders & followers.

  • Doing traditional things in a modern way. Creating new traditions ourselves.

  • Each client is unique and deserves a unique solution-we hate to do the same thing twice.

Who we work with

At BT, we work directly with clients, or we collaborate with their team of professionals, designing projects from scratch, using our own in-house prototypes, or using designs from outside sources…

What we make

The answer is: just about anything. Our clients have a need, and we create personalized custom solutions, designing and building anything from small functional pieces to an entire home.


The Materials

From redwood water tanks to weathered grain elevators, from bomb factories to auto factories and even salvaged old growth logs,  every material used in a BT project tells a story.